ICT Forum: November 1 2007

The New Face of Learning

What happens to time-worn concepts of classrooms and teaching when we can now go online and learn anything, anywhere, anytime?
by Will Richardson

Video Comment
These videos explore and challenge some of our traditional understandings about information, knowledge and learning. The are the views and opinions of individuals and can be used to prompt conversations about the future and the skills needed in order to 'harness, evaluate, and create information effectively'.

wikis in Plain English

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Free Education wiki

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Wikispaces Features

A list of the features Wikispaces offers with brief descriptions and screenshots.

FAQs from Teachers

Answers to questions from teachers


There are a number of blog hosts you can use however Blogger is very popular with teachers as it is easy to use and free. Once you have registered
Once you are registered for blogger save this link in your favourites and don't forget your password!
This link will take you to your blogger dashboard where you can post, view or edit your blog when you are logged in. It is also handy if you have more than one blog as you can view editing tools and access all your blogs from a single page, the Blogger Dashboard

Bling for Your Blog

Many thanks to Allanah King from Appleby school who has created this blog with lots of great tips for setting up a blog.

Blog Tools

Links to a variety of online tools that you can add to your blog.

Staying Safe

Remove the Navigation Bar
If you are using Blogger with students remove the Navigation Bar as it links to random blogs where you have no control over content that students may access. Allanah has posted some very clear and easy to follow instructions to remove the Navigation Bar here.
Comment Moderation
Comment moderation is a must if you are using blog with students. This link takes you to a past discussion on ICTinEnglish and includes instructions on setting comment moderation so you are sent an email if any comments are left on your blog.

Discuss how to comment appropriately with your students. Model commenting with them using a dataprojector and co-constructing comments to leave on other blogs you are reading. Remind students not to post personal information online and to only use their first name. Invite parents and care givers to read and respond to student content.
If you need any help with Internet Safety please see the excellent resources available to schools from NetSafe New Zealand specifically Resources for your School and The NetSafe Guide for Schools
NetSafety Guidelines from the MoE on TKI

Read Blogs

Reading other blogs is a great way to learn about blogging and to explore how others are using blogs with their students.
See my blog roll in the side bar of both ICTinEnglish and VirtualNorth. These include examples of both classroom blogs and education blogs.

Classroom Blogs

Some examples of classroom blogs